Elsym’s Interactive Internal Control System (iVerify) product is currently in use at the United Kingdom National Lottery, An Post Lottery in Ireland and over 5 US states. It is a Windows-based system that processes transactions from a lottery vendor’s interactive gaming web site and verifies transaction accuracy. Features include interactive draw-based wagering and validation, subscription wagering and validation, interactive instant win wagering and validation, as well as player and financial accounting.

Like our traditional ICS product, throughout the day, the iVerify receives transaction log files which are processed and the values for ticket sales, claimed prizes, and other transactions are calculated. Reports are then produced which must match the figures provided by the central gaming vendor. These reports are used to identify any out-of-balance issues for investigation.

An outstanding feature of the Elsym iVerify is the ability to provide individual player reconciliation reporting. The iVerify keeps a player “wallet” balance and all player transactions from the web gaming system are applied. At end of the day, the web gaming system can be balanced with the iVerify audit to ensure total player transaction integrity.

Running our iVerify system alongside our on-line ICS product provides the added benefit of being able to verify system player balancing across four systems: the on-line gaming system with the web gaming system and the on-line ICS system with the iVerify system. This ensures that on-line wagers placed over the web are accurately audited across both ICS systems.