Internal Control Systems (ICS)

For over 30 years, our core business has been providing Internal Control Systems (ICS) and related Lottery “back-end” systems. Since the first third-party ICS system delivered to the Wisconsin Lottery in 1989, we have provided our software and services to most of the lotteries in the US – and we are still growing. Elsym’s first virtual ICS environment was implemented in 2009 at the UK Lottery, one of the largest lotteries in the world. This technology-forward feature also used network attached storage (NAS) devices to run the system, providing complete hardware flexibility and reliability.

Elsym Consulting’s greatest strength is first listening to our customers and then providing outstanding customer service. When there is an out-of-balance issue, we want you to call us first – 24/7, because we guarantee to find the problem – not point fingers.

We currently audit many online vendors – IGT, Scientific Games, SISAL, WINS, Camelot and Intralot SA. We are truly independent.

Our ICS product has taken the best of each of our client’s operations and created a system that is flexible, robust, secure, and simple to operate – based on years of software development. Its reliability is based on processing millions of draws over 30+ years.

Seven reasons why Elsym is the obvious choice for your ICS

One – Robust and Complete System Balancing

All on-line and instant sales, promotions, validations, commissions, purged tickets, adjustments and free tickets are verified. On-line share calculations and draw information are verified and performed at each draw break. All on-line and instant winning tickets are verified against validation files. All instant pack transactions are verified for duplicates. All retailer information is verified each day as well as at the end of the week.

Two – Near Real-Time Link

Data is retrieved from the on-line vendor’s system in near real-time (less than a minute) and is processed as the day progresses. As draws are held, winner selection can be automatically held, or winning numbers entered manually and held. Share amounts are confirmed and the number of winners is immediately verified. Based on the on-line vendor’s checkpoint frequency, sales, cancellations, discounts and validations are verified on an ongoing basis throughout the day. At the end of the day, a comprehensive set of reports is generated.

Three – Auto-balancing

At the end of each day all pertinent financial information is retrieved from the on-line vendor’s reports and compared with the ICS’s values. A single report is generated showing all comparisons. Any imbalances are flagged for review. Each retailer and each game is balanced, so that an out-of-balance can be quickly identified and resolved.

Four – Lights Out Operation And Automated Monitoring

The system can run throughout the day and night with minimal operator assistance. Staffing costs are significantly reduced simply because Elsym’s ICS is designed to take care of itself. Lottery and Elsym support will be paged via email in the case of a failure or an out-of-balance.

Five – Complete and Detailed Accounting Capability

Accounts receivable packages, security administration systems, general ledger packages and Lottery defined sales databases can be loaded daily. Financial information is generated for on-line and instant sales, commissions, discounts, promotions and free tickets, validations and adjustments. On-line purged tickets are also provided. Interfaces are generic and have been fed into major G/L packages such as Great Plains (MS Dynamics), Platinum, JD Edwards and Solomon, and databases such as Oracle and MS/SQL.

Six – Elsym’s Exceptional 24/7/365 Support

Elsym provides a rotating on-call staff to fully troubleshoot and solve any out-of-balance conditions. Our team is very familiar with assisting non-technical staff and we guarantee immediate support with Multi-State Jackpot problems.

Seven – Complete Software Maintenance and Upgrade Support

Elsym provides all software and new game enhancements as part of our support. All design, development, testing, acceptance testing, conversion, documentation and training is provided by Elsym staff. All software changes are documented, automatically tracked with our configuration management software, and installed with full approval and an audit trail.

Five reasons why we would love to have you join our ICS family

One – Service and Support

Our primary reason for success is our 24/7/365 support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It defines us. It means there will always be top-tier personnel knowledgeable about the systems available to quickly and efficiently answer questions and solve problems – especially under time pressures.

Two – Software Ready to Go

We have incorporated the best features that all lotteries have requested. Our ICS is well thought out and is provided on the best platforms available.

Three – Reliability

When a new game or feature needs to be delivered on time, you can count on Elsym to come through. Our track record speaks for itself.

Four – Integrity

Businesses have trusted Elsym to verify their systems for over 20 years. We have worked hard to earn that trust.

Five – Security

Our system is a server-only based product, which allows no incoming requests. Other safety features built into the system makes our ICS the most secure in the industry, while still providing the most flexible solution.