Elsym exists to create certainty in our customer’s mission critical processes. Founded in 1988, Elsym has built an enviable reputation as conceptualizers, designers, and implementers of management information systems by defining the needs of government and industry clients and providing solutions. Elsym is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, the leading financial and technology center for the Southeast. Elsym is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service, reaching the peak of technical innovation and fulfilling customers’ individual requirements with integrity and timely performance within set budgets.

By staying ahead of evolving technology, Elsym is able to maintain its scoring capabilities with complex software development projects and unique system integrations. We are experienced in the public and private business sectors, and use our valuable expertise as information system integrators.

Since its inception in 1988, Elsym has provided systems and support for a number of private businesses and  Governmental Agencies. For example, Elsym has become one of the industry leaders in providing integrated management information systems, including audit systems to state and international government agencies. Elsym has substantial experience in the governmental, healthcare, insurance, and financial industries, with expertise in medical and retail billing systems; electronic benefits and fund transfer; debit and credit card processes; clearinghouse processes; transaction processing; and internal control systems.

Elsym is committed to staying ahead of evolving technology and maintains state of the art hardware and software. The development of new software is based upon providing solutions to the individual needs of clients. We are focused on detail, quality, and timely service. We are focused on high performance.