Why does Elsym exist?

Elsym exists to create certainty in our customer’s mission critical processes.

Our customer’s management team must know with absolute certainty that the information it relies upon to provide its products and services to its customers and investors is accurate and private. The information systems they use must fit like a glove, while being robust, independent and iron-clad secure. Elsym exists to partner with our customers to create certainty.

What does Elsym value? C. E. R. T. A. I. N. T. Y.

Consistency We strive to ensure that the customer’s experience with us is consistent. If a customer asks a question, the answer will be handled in a professional and consistent manner. We complete our tasks in a consistent manner.
Ethics We are people with high moral values and ethics. We seek to build ethical relationships in our attitude and our actions. What you see is who we are. We are always kind
and thoughtful of each other and treat everyone with dignity and respect.
Rewards We celebrate accomplishments. We lead a balanced life and enrich all aspects of it: family, work, spiritual, and social. We take time to relax and interact with others to keep our minds fresh and to allow our ideas to flourish.
Teamwork We solve problems together. We are team players, leading and serving with others to achieve successful results. The knowledge and time put into the project is a team effort and each team member is critical to its success.
Accountability We take responsibility for the results of our work and actions. We are humbled to share in accomplishments and willing to accept responsibility in failures.
Improvement We constantly strive for improvement of the service we deliver, our processes and simplification of work. We use our Management System to discover our continual improvement opportunities.
Networking We communicate effectively as a team. If we think something needs to be shared, we share. We communicate professionally with fellow employees, customers and partners using proper business etiquette. We focus on positive communication.
Tenacity We commit ourselves completely to making our work successful. Deadlines rule our commitment. What we say, we will do. We do what we do because we are passionate about doing it.
Yes-ability We listen to problems. We look for problems. We fix problems. We strive to be proactive, rather than reactive. We adapt to the changes in our customer’s business. We solve problems in ways that move the customer forward.